Thursday, September 26, 2013

826 Store Project,

826 Stores are a nonprofit that raise funds, inspire creative students, and advertise our programs to the local community, our centers feature a street-front retail store filled with unusual products, student books, and information on the center. In my visual communication class we are suppose to create a 826 store based on the city we have been selected. The city I have is St. Paul Minnesota.

St. Paul Minnesota has many unique qualities to it such as having the largest scandinavian population in the United States which is 1.6 million people. It also has other fun stuff such as having a stereotype for people living there called Minnesota Nice, and other things such as their accent, love for hockey/outdoor activities, and lastly its the land of 10,000 lakes. 

With all of this research I had to come up with a concept to start creating this store from its name and what some of the products it could be. I chose to do a viking supply store relating to all of those scandinavians within the state and just other people who would enjoy to have something viking related in their household. So far all I have started is some artboards trying to get an idea of what vikings were like and what they did, I will show more progress as I get further into the project. I hope you are as excited to see the outcome of this as I am. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Process on Arcade Button website,

Have you ever looked at multiple images or objects of the same thing and noticed the settle changes within those things? Well Here I started looking at the buttons on arcade games at Dave & Busters. Each one of these buttons have its own story and purpose behind them, which I found interesting, some have the purpose of picking a direction, starting a game or stopping a light to see if you win. So with all of these images I am going to tell a story about the place and purpose of these buttons, below you can see a few of the images I have started to gather for content for this website.

Hey there!

Welcome! I am Scott Maletz a graphic designer that is a junior at College for Creative Studies. This blog is to show work that I have done, process that I am working on, and some inspiration for you as well. I hope all of you enjoy.