Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tis the season!

I was going to blog about some process of my work but instead today as I got in my car and turned on the radio 100.3 switched to all Christmas music today! I just could not hold in my excitement due to my extreme love for the holidays and the music that comes along with it. So from now and till December 26th I will be belting out every christmas song that comes on during my daily commute to good ol CCS. So for the rest of you though do you think its too early for the holiday jams to be played and should wait till after thanksgiving or are you like me and soon as November 1st comes around you instantly get in the holiday spirit!?

For those who need to get on the christmas music vibe here is a link to listen right now!
Christmas Music!


  1. I've been listening since mid-October :x!! I've found that while I listen to Christmas music I tend to be in an extra creative mindset, and manage to really focus and get work. NO SHAME!

  2. Listening to Christmas music definitely puts me in a good mood. It brings back memories of my childhood. And I actually know all of the words to the songs so I can sing along. Although there are some songs that are especially annoying and I have to change the station.*Coughcough* Dominique the Donkey. Unfortunately there is a downside for me with Christmas music playing so early in the year and that is I start to stress about buying presents for people. Yeah I know Christmas isn't about presents but I still feel the need to, especially if they got me a present. Over all I can't hate christmas music.

  3. Yeah, That means the semester is going to end soon...really need create the happy mood towards the end...

  4. I enjoy christmas music too, but on christmas week, no earlier. Some of the classical songs are enjoyable, but most of it is just crap.