Thursday, October 10, 2013

826 Store Update!

Here is an update to the Viking 826 Store in St. Paul MN, I have been working on. This step is probably the largest and most fun in process of creating the identity for the store due to not being constraint to anything and being able to just make whatever you please that gets at the essence of your concept. So far I have been struggling a bit to really get some good solid pieces that could be used for the identity but have got rid of all the cliches and most probable solutions so I should be able to push myself further now and really get something exciting and different that everyone will enjoy. If any of you have any suggestions or ideas that could help me push this concept of a viking store further, then please do! Any help or criticism I am more than welcome too, and it should help me along the way as well!


  1. I absolutely loved working on the 826 project. A Viking Store is really cool, love what you've come up with so far. I could imagine a baby bottle in the shape of a hammer as one of your items.

  2. The 826 project is one of my favorite projects, it ends up becoming an awesome portfolio piece. We were supposed to create a website for the store we created, but time ran out during the semester. So, the best advice I can give you is if you have some free time (which I know is a rarity at CCS), I would definitely recommend making one... don't hold off an wait like I did until Portfolio class to make it (there isn't any time!).