Thursday, October 24, 2013

Drink & Draw.

Today was AIGA("American Institute of Graphic Arts" Drink & Draw at The Emory a bar/restaurant in Ferndale on 9 mile and Woodward. The event was to socialize, drink and eat food at The Emory.  It was my first AIGA event that I have ever attended and honestly it was quite odd. I walked in and there was almost no seating where the event was happening so I ended up sitting with a few friends at the bar just outside the tables where the event was happening. We still ended up getting some paper and drawing utensils to create stuff while we were enjoying our drinks and food.  The overall experience was quite nice and fun in the long run, but at first I just was confused and expected it to be a little different or more organized I guess because Im new to the whole AIGA thing and I'm kind of shy at moments so I didnt really want to walk up to some random table and just be like heyyyyyy is this the AIGA event, but like I said I did end up having a good time!
The one thing that I found interesting was that the bar had no domestic beers on tap but only craft, which wasn't a problem for me because I love craft beer and supporting local breweries. So this I thought was a good chance to ask you guys what you think about that or what you think about craft beer. I personally will drink almost anything(which could be a bad thing?) but I think its fun to try new beers so you can have different flavors for different times of the year or mood you are in, which enhances the experience and purpose to drink the beer or beverage rather than the more obvious reasons.

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